Parenting Resources

Children’s nutrition: 10 tips for picky eaters

ADHD Kid Won’t Eat? It’s All About Handling Appetites

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in Children and Teens

3 At-Home Safety Issues for Children with ADHD and How to Prevent Injury

10 Ways a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Help Your Child

How To Know If Your Toddler Is Getting Enough Exercise

Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling

Building Assertiveness: How to Help Your Quiet Child Speak Up

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

How to build your baby’s mental health: Mini Parenting Master Class | UNICEF Parenting

Trauma Resources

Impacts of Trauma


Guide for Families 20pg


Strategies for supporting child Excellent printable

What Trauma looks Like Excellent Handout


Maltreatment and the Developing Child

Family Qualities for Successful Foster Care Adoptions

Here are two Excellent videos:

  1. Trauma, Brain and Relationships: Helping Children Heal 
  2. The Repair of Early Trauma: A Bottom Up Approach

            (and everything Dr. Bruce Perry!)

Here are links to some very informative and reliable websites:


Here are some great books. 

Their authors are experts in this field and a google search will give you additional videos, books, articles, websites, etc. 

(and everything Bessel van der Kolk)

(and everything Daniel Siegel)

(and everything Daniel Hughes)

Community Resources

Mental Health Online Resources – Help for Nova Scotians
Free and low cost legal help in Nova Scotia
Positive Parenting
Parenting Magazine Tips
Mesothelioma in Children and Young Adults –
Mesothelioma in Young Adults & Children –
Talking To Children About Cancer – Tips For Parents and Caregivers (
Mesothelioma Lawyer Center | Find Top Mesothelioma Attorneys
Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer | Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments (
Talking to Kids About Cancer: Advice for Veterans With Mesothelioma (
Drug Dangers | Drug & Medical Device Side Effect & Lawsuit Information
Erb’s Palsy | Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options for Erb’s Palsy (
How Substance Abuse Impacts the Whole Family – Granite Recovery Centers
Addiction Resources for Parents | Green Mountain Treatment Center

Educational Resources

“Education – The Key To Making Dreams Become Reality“

Coding for Kids

Hour of code

Hour of Code – Learning Activities

Promote the Hour of Code

Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorials

Create your own Google logo

Star Wars – Building a Galaxy With Code

Code Your Own Flappy Game



Scratch – Coding Kids


Pogo Games
FamilyFeud – Kids Games – Snakes and Ladders

Misc. Resources
Find Words Containing The Letters
Word FinderTools for Scrabble PlayersScrabble Word Finder

YourDictionary’s Word Finder
French Language Course
ADVENTUS – Music & Piano Learning Solutions

SkillsOnlineNS – Thousands of FREE online courses


Universe Silver – Money Knowledge Games and Lessons for Kids

Math and Business Activities for Young Entrepreneurs

Kids’ Guide to Money and Finances | Small-Business Loans (

Coin Collecting for Kids Guidebook – BullionMax

Education Place – K-8 Educational Games – The Internet’s #1 Education Site for K-8 Teachers and Kids – Education for the future – Reducing Fractions
Practice Math & English Language Arts – K–12
Teens Tutor Teens – Get FREE Online Tutoring
Calculators for Kids – free online personal financial calculators – Reducing Fractions – Reducing Fractions – 4 Digit Subtraction – Multiplication of Fractions – Reducing Fractions
Math Goodies – K-12 – Reducing Fractions – First Glance – Reducing Fractions – Workout – Order of Operations
The Math Forum – People Learning Math Together
Algebra Help – Times Tables
Teaching Tables – Times Tables – Order of Operations
Amby’s Math Resources – Order of Operations – Fun and Education – Multi-flyer [Multiplication Space Simulation Game]
Math in the Grocery Store
Multiplication Tables – Fun Activities
Multiplication Tables – Test Your Skills
Amby’s Brain Games & Thinking Skill Enhancers – Online Games
Money Games by for Percentages, Decimals, and More! | Guaranteed Rate
Business, Math, and Money: Online Games for Students | Form an LLC (